In the early morning in Syria, August 14th, videos and pictures began to emerge from an assault on al-Hamadiyah army base, Idlib province. Map of the base can be seen here. Jihadists related Twitter accounts, such as Jabhat al Nusra, claim that the base was hit with a VBIED, This video claims to show the aftermath of the bombing. Another video, the second link, shows the detonation of the VBIED; it should be noted that the latter video makes it appear as if there were two bombings. Another activist account uploaded this picture of the bombing.

The text uploaded with the video roughly translates to:

‘May the praise of god be with the blasting of Ma’arrat Numan in Idlib countryside. One of the suicide bombers of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria bombed the camp and other battalions have stormed the camp of sheep with guns, weapons and munitions. May the praise of God be to Allah’.

The text cites the name of the bomber as, Abu Hamza al-Masri. The text also stated that two ‘martyrs’,  Abu Yusuf German and Abu Hazim, were killed in the assault.

An ISIS related Twitter account claimed that fifty regime soldiers were killed in the assault. An activist account claimed that tanks and artillery were taken. Another activist account uploaded this picture of the bombing.