In a video uploaded to a the official channel of the rebel group, the Islam Brigade, who are based around Damascus, Syria, the group claims to have shot down a SAF helicopter over Eastern Ghouta. The group appears to be using a captured OSA (mobile surface-to-air missile) system as the video shows the interior of a OSA control, then cuts to the missile, then cuts back to the interior, then cuts back to a missile exploding. If this video is confirmed, it’ll be the second successful take-down of a SAF aircraft in the last week; a significant victory for the rebels.

This is the video:

The description of the video roughly translates to:

“The banner of Islam for the second time to drop the helicopter air defense system “Alawsa”. And kill all of the following officers:

1 – Pilot Colonel Ahmed Issa

2 – submitted Jamal Ibrahim pilot

3 – First Assistant mechanical Issam Suleiman

Glory be to God, His Prophet and the believers”

It’s difficult to confirm, but the Islam Brigade did capture an OSA system in December 2012. Here’s the video:

Here’s a description of the OSA –

The group are a member of SILF and are based around Damascus.