The following data details /r/syriancivilwar’s August poll of political inclinations towards the Syrian crisis. Here is a link to our site:

The poll was conducted on Survey Monkey for one week from 8/15/13 to 8/22/13. 448 users cast their votes; 13.09% of the total. As Survey Monkey only permits one vote per IP address, it is a stronger form of internet polling.

It should be noted that the /r/syriancivilwar subreddit is an online forum for all perspectives, views and biases. As long as you contribute in a civilized manner and abstain from offensive or bigoted language, you will find an online community that truly searches to answer some of the more complicated questions surrounding the Syrian crisis.

My girlfriend is running the stat analysis, yes she’s smarter than I am, and once I have that completed I’ll link to it in a separate article. We’re looking at interesting phenomenon like if you support x side, how likely do you think chemical weapons use is? Or if you support US intervention, how do you feel about Russian intervention?

Below are the graphs and data tables of all votes cast.

1. Who do you support in the Syrian Civil War?

Specific Data on Votes for Question 1:

2. Can there be a political solution to the conflict? 

Specific Data on Votes for Question 2:

3. Who, if anyone, should the US arm? 

Specific Data for Question 3:

4. Should Western nations implement a NFZ over Syria? 

Specific Data for Question 4:

5. Who do you blame for the Syrian protests eventually turning into the Syrian civil war? 

Specific Data for Question 5:

6. What were the main causes of the protest?

Specific Data for Question 6:

7. When Assad didn’t cede to the protestor’s demands of his resignation, what do you think the US/ EU should have done?

Specific Data for Question 7:

8. When the syrian civil war became a reality, what do you think Russia and Iran should have done?

Specific Data for Question 8:

9. How strong a possibility is it that Syria will be Balkanized?

Specific Data for Question 9:

10. If the opposition is victorious, what outcome do you expect for Syria?

Specific Data for Question 10:

11. Do you believe that chemical weapons have been used in Syria?

Specific Data for Question 11:

12. If you believe that chemical weapons have been used, who do you believe used them?

Specific Data for Question 12:

13. Do you believe the use of chemical weapons is a legitimate reason for foreign powers to intervene in Syria?

Specific Data for Question 13: