George Galloway in Houses of Parliament Debate on Syrian Intervention, August 29th, 2013 – Motion I

At 6:02 the relevant section pertaining to this article commences, but you should watch the rest, he’s a skilled orator and performer.

At 6:02, a MP stands to ask the Honorable Speaker about comments made by George Galloway on “Iranian television”. The questioner asks: “I’m very grateful for the Honorable Member for giving way to me. Mr. Speaker I think you’d be very interested to know that I’ve had several constituents email me about comments made by the Honorable Member of Bradford-West on Iranian TV. In which, my constituent claims that ‘the Honorable Member said that Israel supplied the chemical for the attacks in Syria. I would find that very hard to believe that the Honorable Member said that so would he like to take this opportunity to refute that or provide the evidence to satisfy my constituent.”

Galloway: “Well, just shows the unreliability of relying upon ‘incoherent’ letters whether they come in the post or in emails. For I said no such thing. But the Syrian rebels definitely had Sarin gas because they were caught with it by the Turkish government as was referred to…”

Here is a video of George Galloway on Iranian Press TV

Galloway: “If there’s been any use of nerve gas, it’s the rebels that used it. If there has been a use of chemical weapons, it was Al Qaeda that the chemical weapons. Who gave Al Qaeda the chemical weapons? Here’s my theory: Israel gave them the chemical weapons.”

What to conclude?

Well it appears that the questioner’s constituent was correct and George Galloway had made these remarks on Iranian TV. According to Galloway made these comments to Iranian TV earlier this week: article. Also covered by the Jewish Press: George Galloway Reveals: Israel Behind Chemical Attack.