On August 30th /r/syriancivilwar, linked here – http://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/, ran a poll on the recent chemical weapons attack in East Ghouta. In a little under two days, 522 votes were cast on six questions regarding the attack including whether it occurred, who was responsible and what international responses were supported. The results are listed below.

Anyone that would like access to the full data spread sheet can email r.syriancivilwar@gmail.com. Questions can directed on Twitter @RSyrianCivilWar.

Question 1: Do you believe a chemical attack occurred in Damascus on August 21st? 


Question 2: Who was responsible for the chemical weapons attack?


Question 3: Who do you think was directly responsible for the attack?

(You’ll notice that ‘unsure’ was no longer an option for this question resulting in 32 people skipping the question)


Question 4: Do you think there should be a form of international response to the chemical weapons attack? 


Question 5: Who do you support in the Syrian civil war?


Question 6: Specifically, who do you support in the Syrian civil war?