Link to subredditFrom September 19th to September 26th, the subreddit /r/syriancivilwar ran its fourth political inclination poll on the Syrian conflict – polls have been conducted since June, 2013. Link to subreddit.

The poll asked its respondents thirteen questions about the Syrian conflict covering general opinions, the chemical weapon’s issue, the Kurdish question and war crimes. With over 600 IP addresses responding, the sample size is our largest yet.

This blog records September’s results. The results for the polls conducted in June, July, August and September are listed at the bottom of the page.

1. Which side do you support in the Syrian Civil War? (Question allowed for multiple answers)

2. Specifically, which side do you support in the Syrian Civil War? (Question allowed for multiple answers) 

3. Do you think there can be a political resolution to the Syrian conflict?

4. Who do you blame for the Syrian protests turning into the Syrian Civil War? (Multiple answers)

5. Which party do you believe was responsible for the August 21st chemical weapon attack?

6. Specifically, which party do you think was responsible for the chemical weapon attack?

7. Do you approve of the proposed Russian deal for Syria to dismantle its CW systems? 

Question 8: Do you think the proposed Russian deal is a viable option? (In that it would result in the total destruction of Syria’s CW stockpile?

Question 9:  If the proposed deal collapses, how likely do you view the possibility of a limited strike on Syria by the US and a small coalition of other states?

Question 10: How likely is the possibility that Syria will be Balkanized (split into numerous states, possibly including, but not limited to: Kurdistan, rebel state and pro-government state)

Question 11:  How likely do you view the possibility of the Kurds creating an independent Kurdistan?

Question 12:  Which party has committed the most heinous war crimes in Syria? (Single answer)

Question 13: Specifically, which party(s) do you think is responsible for the most heinous war crimes in Syria? (Question allowed for multiple answers)

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