A Swedish redditor, anonymousenojk, has gone to Syria to join the al Qaeda faction Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.


On January 20th, /u/AlbnSAmin submitted a post to the /r/syriancivilwar subreddit titled /u/anonymousnojk has migrated to Syria.

His submission indicated that /u/anonymousenojk. who had been active on the subreddit for about a month until his ban for violently anti-Shiite language and ad hominem attacks, had gone on jihad to Syria.

Evidently, a Twitter account, @Anonymousenojk which was under the same name as the reddit account, had made contact with ISIS fighters, traveled to Turkey and then migrated across the border to Syria.

On January 15th he contacted a ISIS Tweep:

@Abu_Qaqa_ Akhi please follow me i need to talk to you

Then on January 16th, he celebrated his success in reaching Syria:

Brothers and sisters in deen do dua for me i am in sham alhamdulillah!

This translates to: “Brothers and sisters in way of life (Islam) make supplication for me, I am in Sham (Greater Syria) all thanks and glory are to God.”

His presence on the subreddit was highly controversial at the time. He made no pretense that he was fiercely anti-Assad and a supporter of the opposition and even sported a jihadist flair. His account netted 172 link karma for external submissions and -159 comment karma for his comments.

After mining his submissions to the subreddit, it’s clear he was a Swede. One of his comment linked to his blog at islamicsweden.blogspot.com. While the blog has been deleted, you can view a cached version here.

On the blog he wrote, These shias are supposed to act good because they call themselves muslims, but dont fall for their tricks because they have many and they will decieve you and you wont even know it. There is nothing to prohibit them from lying about what their religion is and they will lie about it to make you convert. If you knew what they teached you would be disguisted by their illogical and immoral teachings.

Involvement in the Subreddit

One of his comment’s from late December stated: I can hardly wait till i see more decompousing communist bodies littering around Til Hamis. The smell must be horrible but it will be good for the crops. Earlier he had written Well who wouldnt kill pro-Assad clerics considering the barrelbombs and the surge of refuges adn the stories they have to tell the Lebanese muslims. Also on the 60% sunni, that is only when you exclude the kurds and turkmen who are mostly sunni. And even then a 60% sunni arab population is on the lower end of the spectrum.

His top post  was a photograph of Syrian rebels having a snowball fight.

His second highest post linked to the Brown Moses blog post: Brown Moses Blog: A Case Of Weapon Misidentification By ‘Jihadists’ And Assad Supporters.

He provided an update when Baghdadi Bridge fell into rebel hands in Adra, and another on the rebel assault on Kindi hospital (which involved Jabhat al Nusra).

In his least popular comment he defended the forced conversion of Druze to Islam: Are you making a statement or a joke? The Druze did what they did according to their own will and were not forced to do anything, in fact in Islam it is impossible to force anyone to convert to Islam. It is clearly stated in Surah Baqara 256; “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion…” For guys that do everything according to the Quran it would be weird if they went against it.

In another he felt that rebels dying was not a ‘sad’ occurrence, Why is that sad? They only took arms to establish a muslim state or die in combat, both of those options are just as good for us.

In others he linked to videos of SAA war crimes.

Eventually he far surpassed our limits for participation in the subreddit. He was banned. What follows is that conversation:

The account is worth mining for information, which I believe the International Center for the Study of Radicalization will start doing tomorrow.